Follow the Water Walks is a collaboration between: Paloma McGregor, choreographer, co-founder of Angela’s Pulse collaborative performance ensemble; Damian Griffin, Education Director, Bronx River Alliance damian.griffin@parks.nyc.gov ; and
Rebecca Boger, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Brooklyn College, with dual appointment at CUNY Graduate Center

Through choreographic, scientific and cultural research we will develop intergenerational, community-engaged “walks” that will offer an embodied experience of natural and man-made water systems, with attention to what was, is and will be part of that living landscape. In 2012, with generous support from iLAND, we will focus our work on the routes storm water takes from the East Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx to the Bronx River. The project will be developed in collaboration with community partners, with the aim of cultivating and supporting greater understanding, stewardship and agency.


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  1. Hi guys – make sure I am on your email lists! I wasn’t able to come this weekend due to a weekend wedding upstate, but will do my best to come to anything else you do this summer (or beyond) best Lise Brenner (from the Iland symposium)

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