new map


I have been on the road for various meetings and family events. I’m sorry that I will miss the canoe trip and decoration. I am on a tight deadline for a proposal. Unfortunately, getting grants is a major part of my job – hate it, but so it is.

Here is an updated map of what we have done so far. Also, I’m posting a spreadsheet of the tree data we collected. The table of data contains the attributes of the spatial features (trees for here). This is the information we collected with the GPS units. With the attributes, we can now show in a map where the healthy and stressed trees, among other things.

We have talked about refining the data dictionary. How do we want to describe the features around us? What is important? Do we want to standardize our terms? In science, yes. Scientists often categorize objects in mutually exclusive groups, although the groups can be based on best judgement. Or, do we want to capture how we describe and leave things more open ended. We can then explore patterns in how people perceive their surroundings.

Talk with you soon.




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