Here are your maps!


It was great to start mapping the area last week for the first time. Any comments on how to improve the data dictionary would be greatly appreciated. This is an iterative process that we will perfect as we learn how to describe and categorize the features we see. I downloaded the data each collected and made quick maps. Take a look! These will only get better with time.

See you tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Here are your maps!

  1. Becky, it is awesome to see how these ideas become maps. I can’t wait to learn more, and when I share the ideas with others there is almost universal interest. As far as the data dictionary, as we discussed it would be nice to have some way of marking where personal encounters occur, though how to log the conversation might be a different story. For the GPS, maybe just name, topic of concern, years in neighborhood? Two other possible data points are empty tree pits ( as well as some way to input existing measure of all tree pits) and lines to show a dearth of ” natural” environment as opposed to missing trees or wide sidewalks. That one block on 180th really felt like desert compared to other blocks.

    • Yes. I think a name, age, years in the neighborhood and some general note about the person/conversation are great. In addition, we should each start carrying the small video cameras I’ve purchased in order to gather video/audio. We will have to create some kind of waiver for use of the audio/video, but I imagine certain GPS locations having links where an oral history could be heard. That would be a way to reflect aspects of the area that cannot be readily seen, but that are clearly a part of the landscape. It would also be an interesting component to potential self-guided walks, in which we choreograph the route and landmarks, but might not be present – like a museum self-guided tour you access online or using Google Earth. How could we effectively direct an experience of the physical metaphors we’re developing using audio prompts? We should test that out. – Paloma

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